We want to change our ways of thinking in homes and churches. Come onboard!

Our world has changed in a short time at an amazing speed. Smart devices are a self-evident part of the lives of children, youth, and adults. The cultural understanding of what is a good life to be pursued is being further and further deviated from the biblical understanding of life. If we don’t display what does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus in our homes and in our churches, screens will do it on their own terms.

Evangelical Alliance Finland has launched a project called “Ajan Tasalle” (Updated and Onboard). The project is facing the challenges the flickering screens produce, it will help families and churches to find a way to help our children and youth to become resilient disciples of Jesus. During the years 2020 and 2021 we will produce good quality videos, podcasts and articles that will, with the help of educational and church life specialists, analyse the challenges and find some solutions together.

God wants to work in us and through us in all times and all circumstances, to benefit our sphere of influence. May we make this possible for the next generation.

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How can I be involved?


Pray for the project for:

  • the funding for the project to come in fully
  • the preparations by the technical team, their work, and their equipment
  • the production of the content for each episode
  • the preparations by the speakers
  • good health for everyone
  • the right people to be watch and listen the production
  • the effects of the production so that this project would change thinking and action in churches and families.


The project needs financial support so that it can be carried out as planned. The level of investment is 9500 euros. Most of the work is done pro bono.


Information for the support:

Account number: FI68 4260 0010 4078 61 (Suomen Evankelinen Allianssi ry)

Reference number (obligatory): 911 20203


Legal permission number: RA/2020/1037

Time frame for the collection: 1.9.-30.11.2020

Primary use of funds: Production on videos on 2020 and podcasts on 2021

Secondary use of funds: The costs for organising a Conference in 2021 for the Children’s workers’ Network under the Evangelical Alliance Finland.