Bonn, Thursday 24 February 2022

The European Evangelical Alliance condemns all attacks upon Ukraine. The General Secretary, Thomas Bucher says: “We see no justification for these actions and are deeply distressed by the death, destruction, chaos and misery that will result.”

The invasion of Ukraine is both unjustified and unprovoked. It has been claimed that the attack is necessary to protect ethnic Russians within Ukraine and to stop Ukraine from threatening Russia. These claims are untrue. This disaster has been provoked into being by President Putin for wider geopolitical purposes.

Russia and Ukraine are both sovereign nations that must be able to live in peace with each other, respecting each other’s borders and internal and geopolitical affairs.

EEA calls upon Christians to pray for all who suffer and for those who have the power to save lives, bring humanitarian aid and protection. And let’s pray for all those with the power to stop the war and to bring about long term peace.


European Evangelical Alliance (EEA)
Thomas Bucher, EEA Bonn Office
Reuterstraße 116
53129 Bonn


The Evangelical Alliance was originally created in London in 1846. A number of founding members were representing European countries. The European Evangelical Alliance (EEA) was founded in 1951. The EEA exists to foster unity and evangelical identity and provide a voice and platform to 23 million European evangelical Christians. The mission of the EEA is to CONNECT for common purpose, EQUIP for integral mission and REPRESENT with a united voice. It is a grassroots movement from all Protestant traditions present in 36 European countries. The Brussels office of the EEA promotes active citizenship of its constituency and represents it to the European Institutions.